Netflix Copycat Killer Taiwan marketing campaign

In 2023, Taiwan was once again engulfed in a frenzy of "evil" due to a criminal incident, captivating both the media and the audience. The story of "Copycat Criminals" begins with a giant red box abandoned in a park, setting off a series of interconnected criminal events. Starting from this focal point, we recreated the precise manipulation of public opinion by the killer in the story, generating widespread discussions and achieving an immersive promotional effect for the series.

"Giant Red Box Appears in Zhongshan District?!" and "Copycat Criminals Releases Crime Video Online?!" These two mysterious incidents marked the beginning of everything... The "Copycat Criminals" talk show recreated social media conversations and massive news headlines out-of-home (OOH), combining real news media coverage. With the continuous bombardment of discussions online and offline, a barrage of true and false information flooded in. Now, no one can ignore the "Show of Extreme Evil."

Finally, we collaborated with the spatial design team Suburb Ventures to set up an experiential news studio within the outdoor red box installation. We invited the public to step into the storyline of "Copycat Criminals" from the giant red box. Participants could transform into television anchors in the studio, experiencing a face-off with the copycat criminal and witnessing how their recorded news segments spread in the real world.

Today, we make everyone an accomplice.